Result: 28 – 13

Says it all really, boys and girls. A disappointing loss, especially given all the field position we enjoyed and the brief moment in the second half when, with a penalty to kick ourselves into a 14 – 16 lead, hopes did momentarily rise that we could go on to secure the points. But it was not to be and though we competed well throughout the 80 minutes, we just couldn’t control the ball at a couple of crucial moments in the second half – and that led to EK taking advantage and going on to secure what, for them, must be a pretty encouraging bonus point win. Once again, quite horrific conditions prevailed but they can’t be an excuse: it was the same for both sides. If you absolutely have to know more, check out EK scribe Malky MacDonald’s account of the match on their website – it’s a pretty fair reflection of what happened.

With 3 weeks ’til our next game (away @ Annan BTW) we’ve time to re-group, get our “mojo” back and finish off the season in the style we started it. So let’s get back down to it boys, and target max points from what’s left.

MOTM: a number of positive 7/10 performances this week but with promise shown on a quite horrendous afternoon for the all backs involved, debutant centre Stewart Gray is our choice this week: welcome to West 1 young man!

Ref Watch: not going to name and shame our man in pink this week cos he’s better than yesterdays performance: even if the conditions did play their part, it wasn’t his finest or most consistent 80 minutes ever – he know’s it, we know it and even EK do too. 5/10

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