Yes, it’s back – your favourite “2’s Up!” feature returns this week to offer succour and encouragement to the gladiators of the 2nd XV who take on Hill/Jills tomorrow at Hugheden. K/o is 2pm (meet @ H/J, 12.45pm boys), so with the 1st XV taking a breather this week, why not take the short trip down GWR to give the boys a bit of support? And now that Aussie stunner Miranda Kerr (see above – though many of you will recognise her from your “Victoria’s Secrets” catalogue!) has binned hubby Orlando Bloom, she’s time on her hands and rumours are gaining strength that she might just make a touchline appearance to see her favourites in action – could there a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

Your squad is:

Brad, Alan B, Jamie C, Wee Ian, Ker M, Fras. Wilson, Ferg, Gav P, Teo, Ronnie, the Colonel, Chris J, Graham Robbo, Pogs & Smithy. Reserves: Gregor, Classic, Jamie W, Dougie Sutherland, Mike H & Kerr.

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