Though devastated to hear the sad news this week that  Rosco’s drunken fall while taking in the Welsh match last week in Cardiff means he steps aside with an injured wrist, the very lovely Ms Vidya Bayan insisted upon returning as this weeks 2’s Up! Favourite. And she cheered up no end when it was pointed out to her that the aforementioned calamity would almost certainly mean that our very own “Captain Fantastic” would be returning next season, if only to finish his illustrious career on a high! Good news then for one-and-all, and let’s hope the smile’s still on her face come 3.30pm tomorrow after the much anticipated clash with GHK tomorrow!

The match kicks off at 2pm tomorrow everyone (that means a 12.45pm meet at the Clubhouse), thereby allowing sponsors and 1st XV the chance to see how rugby should b played!!

Listed are:

Chris J, Alan B, Ian G, Seato, Andy B, Frazer W, Fergus, Ronnie, Tao, Chris Mc, Euan D, Fraser Y, Chris H, Andy McL, Pogs, Irish Mike, Stew M, Hamish, Ali Mc, Jamie W

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