Yes, tomorrow’s 2nd XV match is still (at time of posting – 11.20am, Friday) ON!

And nobody could be happier at this news, than Bollywood stunner, Ms. Vidya Bayan who was fearful that the inclement weather was going to rob her of the chance to represent her chosen favourites.

Stepping up on her behalf against Marr – 11.45 am meet for a 2pm k/o – are:

Rosco, Chris H, Seato, Doigo, Hermes, Johnnie T, Aldo, Si Cad, Teo, Chris Mac, Fras, Arnaud, Claudio, Gadget & that man Dillon. Subs Josh, Letson, G Campbell, Kerr, Franko, E Duncan and Mark Gibson.

2 Responses to “2’s Up!”

  1. nigel says:

    Its nice and mild in Troon

  2. Webmaster says:

    Did we do good this week Rosco, or what?

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