Well, showing that, quite indefatigably, we cater for all tastes down here in the Bat-Cave, this week we’re taking on a somewhat “retro” theme for this week’s 2’s Up feature in a blatant and unashamed attempt to conjure up the interests of some of the older members of our 2ndXV fraternity!

And though we’re sure that Obersturmbahnnfuhrer Campbell will be at the very vanguard of praise for this weeks “lovelie”, your Web staff do realise that for those of you born past 1970 you won’t have a bloody clue what we’re going on about. So, boys & girls, for your general edification, illustrated and singing your praises this week is the Goddess that is Ms. Raquel Welsh. (Don’t believe us about the “Goddess” bit? Well then, ask your Father!)

Regrettably due to a lack of disabled facilities, Ms. Welsh couldn’t make it down to the Bat-Cave in person this week, but via Skype she assured your Webmaster that she’d be following the match via Twitter and said that she hoped that Nige would be on his best behaviour for this potentially “perky” league fixture against Allan Glen’s! So, are you listening Boss?

Representing and championing the cause of Ms. Welsh this week are:

Rosco (El Capitano), Baddiel, Walker H. (aka wee Baz), Doigo, Bondai (nice to have you back), Fyffe-y (where have you been?), the Mighty Aldo, Try “Pogs”  Machine, Chico (smooth!), the awesome Dillon, Chris H, Si Cad (free from injury – praise be!) , Chris “the Quiet One” MacAlpine, Teo, Stewart M, Iain W, George, Kerr G & Fraser W.

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