Report for Accies RFC v Carrick RFC

Saturday 11th April 2015


Ladies and Gentlemen, this scribe was brought to book today by an eminent Academical with reference to my reports. Can I first of all apologise to anyone who may have been upset by my grammatical errors and felt that my parents had wasted such a vast sum of money on a quality education which resulted in a basic lack of English knowledge, despite the fact that I gained an A in English Higher!

As I explained to him, one of the great Academy teachers, unfortunately no longer with us, Lachie Robertson, wrote on my first term report that “Donald needs to increase the size of his writing to improve its legibility” so being a good and enthusiastic pupil I did and the report at the end of my second term said “the improved legibility of Donald’s writing has only highlighted his inability to spell!” So my apologies for last week’s errors!

There is a section on our website, after the reports, for comments from supporters and this scribe would greatly appreciate any constructive comments! Let’s all get involved in making Accies a better side and a better club!

Well if ever the expression “this was a game of two halves” was appropriate then it was today.

Accies lined up for the kick off, facing a strong and difficult wind, were 5-0 down before most spectators had taken their seats and it certainly looked as if Carrick were most certainly up for the contest. The murmurings around the stand were clearly that we would be in good shape if we could keep the gap to within 10 points playing against this wind. However it did not take long for this courageous Accies side to wake up and start to play the quality rugby that we have come to expect. A superb try involving backs and forwards with offloading and support produced a try of real quality which was expertly converted and gave Accies the lead 7-5.

However this Carrick side are second in the league, and have got there by playing hard and uncompromising rugby and they duly worked themselves back into the Accies danger zone and converted a well-earned penalty, so now it was –  7-8.

This however seemed to ignite Accies as they now came alive and once again produced  25 minutes of total 15 man rugby. This is a side that is well worth watching for any rugby enthusiast, as they play rugby with ball in hand and uses the entire width of the pitch; which incidentally was once again in truly magnificent condition thanks to Robert Cheape and his staff. The coaches have instilled in the whole squad that simple passing and running off the ball makes for effective and entertaining rugby. I could name all try scorers but because this is a 15 man style of rugby, it is down to all members to create the tries. So we arrived at half time happy at the scoreboard reading, as it did, Accies  26 – Carrick 8.

All this produced by skilful handling by backs and forwards. Unfortunately Accies lost their hard running and influential hooker Greg Valentine as he scored a superb try and their captain Craig Wright to a bang on the head.

So we arrived at the start of the second half full of optimism and hope for a try feast as Accies were now playing with the wind at their backs and within minutes had scored another superb try by man of the match Ross Cowan. It was now 33 -8 and it look like a stroll in the park.

Well that is not what Carrick thought or wanted. Their pack stepped up their efforts and some grinding work and close quarter efforts seemed to drown out Accies ability to play their expansive rugby, as they were deprived of possession for the next 30 minutes.  Carrick picked and drove, worked the ball from 10 to inside runners and the game slowed to a pace that suited the Carrick players and extinguished the spectacle that was evident in the first half.

However it proved effective for Carrick and they produced tries form close in, including a push over try, seldom seen at this level. We now entered the final minutes of the game with Accies leading 33 – 27 and Carrick pressing – and the referee deemed that he had to yellow card Accies  No7 and Carrick took full advantage to score out wide on the right –  33 – 32. Every Accie in the stand held their breath as the Carrick stand-off, who it has to be said had a brilliant second half stepped up to convert. A Gillette blade could not have shaved the front of the post better, but missed it he did and Accies had won 33 -32.

It was so close to Accies having scored 67 points in their last two games and lost both!

This was clearly a game where wind advantage worked best for the team playing against it: – playing against the wind Accies won the first half 26-8 and Carrick the second half 24-5.

This was a game played by two teams who are clearly two of the three best sides in this league and will, all things being equal, be vying for promotion next season. It can only be hope that the officials controlling their matches next season are an improvement on today’s performance. It is always sad when referees get in the way of the players rather than helping the game to flow.

The end of the season is in site and the last home game is the last Saturday of April and I would encourage all of our supporters to be there to give the boys and their hard working coaching staff a final day send off against Allan Glens, when I am sure they will produce another 15 man expansive rugby display.

Unfortunately, as I will be away for the next two matches, this will be my last report for this season. So can I take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal supporters for their encouragement and enthusiasm from the touchline, it makes a real difference to the players and coaches.

Next season is one of the most important seasons in the fantastic history of this club as we will be celebrating the momentous milestone of 150 years as a rugby club. I know the players and coaches will be making an extra special effort to make it a memorable season and I hope that we will all match that special effort to support the team, in their efforts to win every game, both home and away!

 A united club is a strong club and support

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