After almost 5 minutes of deliberation, Team Manager Richard McKnight announced his squad to play in the Boxing Day veterans clash with GHK earlier this morning. Here it is (no, seriously, this is it…..) 🙂


Dave Gourlay
Stuart Wilson
Richard McKnight
Stuart McKnight
Ross Chassels
Andy Holmes
Chris Hamilton
Jamie Doig


Chris Dunn
Robin McNaught
Guy Chatfield
Pete Sandford
John Lamb
Simon Hardie
Andy Pogrel
Oliver Forster
Dave McFadzean
Sandy Fitzpatrick

2 Responses to “Accies Vets Squad to face GHK Vets”

  1. Donald Reid says:

    Looks STRONG to me – backs are all try scorers! Good luck.

  2. Ross Sandford says:

    Cannot believe you are thinking of playing Peter Sandford – he should have retired 10 years ago. You should have seen how much red wine he drunk on Christmas day! Guaranteed he’ll spew up on the second rows. Good luck to the accies!

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