Regrettably it would appear that the “chi-chi” fraternity in Central Scotland have now determined Tweed jackets to be socially acceptable items of clothing for social functions. As such the relatively modern Accies tradition of sporting a dead man’s tweed after matches in order to portray an in-accurate stereotype has lost its edge. In order to maintain the perception of our ‘arrogance’ or ‘aristocratic background’ it was decided to review this dress code.
With this in mind, it has been agreed that we are re-inventing ourselves: the Tweeds can stay, but the new requirement for pre and post match attire will be, henceforth, Tartan Trousers!


We have found a source to get a suitable quality for an approximate price of £20 – £25 each but the exact number will depend on how many of us sign up to this initiative. As usual, Elliot will be enforcing fines to those failing to adhere to the dress code pre and post match. At £2 a pop you will have paid these back pretty quick by avoiding the fines!


In order to get this sorted I need to ask you for a) your agreement to participate, b) your trouser size (waist & inside leg), and c) a commitment to pay me, Adam or Elliott the dosh in the next couple of weeks. This lets me get these made and shipped over to be with us for January, hopefully in time for the Burns supper. Unfortunately ordering won’t be a regular option – this is a one-off event – so missing out will see you either have to stump up the cash and be the ‘odd one out’ or pay daft money for them in UK retail outlets.


I also need you to tell me your preferred Tartan- note however that I am going to order them all the same so this is just a case of getting votes in to determine the most popular one.


Please pick from the tartans shown below. Each has a number so just let us know the preferred number and your sizes.





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