When the Obersturmbannfuhrer steps in to save the referee at full-time from a veritable “doing” from the opposition players, you’ve gotta think to yourself:

a) is the world about to end? or

b) was he bevy-ing on the touchline? or

c) is married life the best thing that’s ever happened to him?

Well, whatever the reason, it certainly seems as if the “softer”, more feminine and concillatory side of the Big Chap came out on Saturday afternoon around about 4.30pm as he stepped in to secure the ref’s safe passage from the pitch as the latter was regaled in a quite unwholesome and unsavoury way by members of the Whitecraigs 2nd XV.

True, our heroes (sadly minus a 2’s Up! favourite this week due to unforseen technical difficulties in the Bat-Cave – sorry boys) emerged as bonus point winners by a 15 pts to 25 pts scoreline. But reports feeding back suggest that though this was a pretty tight encounter, there was no evidence of on-pitch “nonsense” that suggested such behaviour was in the off-ing come the final whistle!

Sadly, specific match details are unavailable at this time, but we’re pleased to report that in the process of winning, and despite Whitecraigs once again fielding 1st XV and several unlisted players, 5 tries were scored by the 2’s and Herr Campbell even enthused about a particular second-half “purple” patch: and that’s praise indeed!

Post-match, our thoughts go out, in particular, to the ever-ebulliant Arnaud whose “nez” got busted in the course of this particular struggle, to Si Cad who battled on in the absence of any subs when he clearly should have been treated by a physio on the touchline and to young 18 year-old debutant Frazer Wilson, who received a quite unprovoked smack in the chops from the Whitecraigs hooker in the dying minute – welcome to senior rugby Fraz: honestly, it’ll only get better from here!

As soon as the SRU get their sh*t together, we’ll update the leagues but furious calculation down in the Bat-Cave this evening suggests that with this win, the 2’s will remain in second position, 2 pts behind Cartha QP but with a game in hand. Things are getting nice and tight in RBS Reserve League West 1 as the season trundles on, so if you don’t fancy the trip to Bishopbriggs next week for the 1sts, why not get down the coast to Helensburgh to watch the 2’s take another stride toward title glory?

6 Responses to “Blessed be the Peacemaker!”

  1. nigel says:

    Can we please change headgear!

  2. Donald Reid says:

    Does it come with leather shorts! Nice boy eh!

  3. nigel says:

    We are officially on 39pts old chap!

  4. Gavin Smith says:


    On a serious note and whoever is reading this should note that if it was not for the Society of referees we wouldn’t have any game to play. If you can’t be bothered to play your call off and the game goes ahead, if a ref is in a similar state of mind 30 boys don’t play. Also each ref does his best on the day just as you do as a player, is your game ever flawless? Didn’t think so.

    The ref on this particular day went right out of his way to come to Glasgow from Oban to ref you bunch of average players to ensure we had a match.

    Remember that the next time we all have a tilt at the whistler.

    Your ref loving Chairman!

  5. Gavin Smith says:

    Sorry meant to say

    Should that not read – Sunblest the Piecemaker”

  6. Donald Reid says:

    We are all guilty at some point of criticising referees during a game but lets remember what Gavin has said and give support to the referees before and in particular after the game – as the Chairman says “no referee no game!” Please let Accies be a club that referees want to come to because they are treated as they should be! All players and officials have a degree of responsibility in this, on the pitch and off!

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