The euphemism “Legends” is used pretty freely these days, but a treat’s in store for all of us of a certain age when once again we’re to be treated to a bunch of gentlemen who really should know better, rolling back the years to take the field in our Accies v GHK “legends” (or “Old Crocks” if you prefer) fixture this Boxing Day. Kick off 1.00 pm but don’t worry if you can’t make it for the start – with all the injury time that’ll be played. they’ll still be playing at 4!!

Accies Legends:

1. Chris Dunn
2. Kerr Gibson
3. Graeme ‘ Tubby ‘ Alan
4. Guy Chatfield
5. Sandy Fitzpatrick
6. Fraser Cameron
7. Roddy Davidson
8. Robin McNaught
9. Stuart McKnight
10. Alan ‘ Aldo’ Wilson
11. Ian Williamson
12. Ross Kennedy
13. Chris Hamilton
14. Michael Hermes
15. Ross Chassels

16. Matt Wallace
17.Stuart Hunt
18. Russell Bridges
19. Kenny Weir
20. Rory Gibson
21. Oliver Forster.

GHK Legends (from):

Barrie Grey
Alan Grey
Kenny Hamilton
Gerry Hawks
John Maclay
Colin Neilson
Rod MacLeod
David Haldane
Pete Ritchie
Mini & Craig Alexander

Craig Alexander

Eoghainn Maclean
Sandy Kennedy
Chaz McFarlane
Liam McDermid
Brian Halley
Gav MacLeod
Ally Maclay
Scot Hay
Andy McAllister
Rory Kennedy & Donald Wilson

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