Accies News

Accies 79, Lenzie 0

“We will be looking, as always, to improve our game by increasing our accuracy and precision in all our tasks across the park”. All Blacks coach Steve Hansen uttered those words after his side beat our “Boys in Red” on Saturday evening, but they might just as well have been uttered by Coups after our […]

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Shield Quarter Final News!

ACCIES 39  NEWTON STEWART 5 “I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”  Abraham Lincoln. Watching the players out there, in the rain and cold, you felt that each man was “worker-hard” not just for his own success but for […]

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Match Report – Annan 13, Accies 32

This reporter was searching for a suitable quote to kick off this week’s report after a hard fought match down at Violetbank, Annan, when out of the mouth of our hooker came the words “it’s all in the passing” and so it was. After a deluge during the warm up the ground was slippery, as […]

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Accies 14 – Garnock 8

It’s St. Crispin’s Day today, did you know that? Probably not. And whilst you were at school, you probably didn’t pay any attention to your English Depts exhortations to appreciate Shakespeare’s famous (or infamous) rallying call in “Henry V” either, did you? Well (though paraphrased just a little bit), let me remind you with this […]

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The Flying Dougie

Shield News: Clydebank 12, Accies 91

So then, after the travails of a bruising league encounter at Carrick last week, it was back to the BT Shield Competition earlier today in sunny yet curiously welcoming Clydebank. Admittedly, our starting line-up for a variety of reasons (notably “hair-appointments”, shopping trips for soft-furnishings and “prom queens” demanding attention against the predictable threat of […]

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Killie 0 Accies 65

It was 22 degrees down in Killie for the September league opener of our 2014/15 season but the ambient temperature wasn’t the only thing that kept the supporters on the touchline “toasty”! From the off, Accies attacked with shape and purpose, forwards and backs combining well to secure ball, distribute effectively and dominate their opponents […]

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An Old Bufty Writes For You!

Fabrizzio Marchetti – the Italian Stallion – and his Big Day (match photo’s to follow)! This scribe has had the privilege of watching a young man join our club from school and develop both as a player and as an individual. Today he led out his teammates as their captain – an honour he justly […]

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Accies News ball

Good stuff!

A Special, Morally-Upstanding Correspondent writes for you: Accies were 5 – 0 down before many of the supporters had left the bar and taken their places on the touch line. From a knock on over Accies line the Glens pack turned the Accies 8 at the subsequent 5 metres scrum, this turned Accies back row […]

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Annan 34, Accies 34

The value of travelling down into Dumfriesshire and enduring an expensive bus journey is almost always measured by the quality and volume of the banter on the journey home. Admittedly the boys were well-fuelled for it with a quite obscene amount of alcohol onboard Fairline’s finest, courtesy of the local Co-op “mega-store”, but they cranked […]

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