The 50 strong Accies Burns Supper guests assembled in the upper bar with Braveheart music to get us in the mood, then we were piped down by treasurer Iain Smith to a magnificently laid out pavilion. The well seasoned Burns veteran, Gordon Wilson, MC’d the proceedings with humour, well meaning banter, and due deference to the Bard. Yours, delivered the Selkirk Grace and then we were off!

Our multi talented treasurer then proceeded to pipe in the haggis carried by chef Charlie P. Iain then delivered a first class and enthusiastic address to the steaming hot beast.

During courses Pete Meiklem regaled us with his take on a modern Tam O’Shanter which incorporated the old with some very amusing and well penned new. It is clear that Pete has a talent for poetic prose and he understands Glasgow humour, not to mention his feminine side.

After dinner Iain Williamson had obviously spent ages cultivating a couple of period style side whiskers that Robbie would have been proud of and then proceeded to smooth talk his way in to the ladies hearts. Was it cringey? Did it work? Well you will have to ask one of the fairer sex to answer that one.

The star of the evening was Jenna, Iain’s partner. Unperturbed by the rugby club atmosphere she had us all in stitches with her very clever, clear, and well thought out response to the toast, and indeed put Iain “Beefcake” well in his place. Jenna will be a much sought after public speaker, that there is no doubt.

The evening was a great success and enjoyed by young and old, mind you with the very generous support of Morison Bowmore, 12 year old liquid gold, was there ever any doubt?

As they say “evenings like that don’t just happen”. A big vote of thanks to Stu and Elliott for their hard work and planning, equally to our entertainers; Gordon Wilson, Iain Smith, Meikers, Beefcake, and Jenna. Charlie P, Irene and the staff were justly rewarded for their efforts, not just for the night but for their help throughout the season as a whole.

So “Ae fond kiss and then we sever”, we walked 500 miles, toasted with Islay’s finest export, and for those of you who missed the evening you should be the first in the queue for next year’s tickets.

Your hung-over Chairman

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