A potentially tricky league fixture after our long lay-off and you’d think “Our Own Correspondent” would have been champing at the bit, a sharpened pencil in his hand, with a shed-load of metaphors ready to explode onto his page – but no.

He had, according to rumour, chosen instead to ruin his best work suit in an alcoholic frenzy of quite biblical proportions the night before and was, quite simply, “MIA” today. Nonetheless and despite the absence of his usually valued attendance, Accies rose to the challenge down at the Ardencaple Ground not only winning by a margin but securing, admittedly at the death, a valuable bonus point.

Our friends down in Helensburgh were able to put up a scribe however and you can see their take on the match (admittedly not ours and pretty brief) plus some pictures @ http://www.helensburghrfc.co.uk

5 Responses to “Helensburgh 14, Accies 29”

  1. J says:

    One would have thought that someone present would be able to pen an article on the match for the Accies followers.

    • B Wayne says:

      And just who are you Mr or Mrs “J”? And why are you hiding behind such a lame moniker? Got something to say? Have the ba**s to put your name to your chat.
      Pretty p*ss poor comment – strongly suspect you’re one of those smarting from defeat today, no?

      • Tommy says:

        BW’s quite right. Who is “J”? And if you’re going to come on our site and make a post at least make it a) interesting and/or b) amusing and / or c) of some relevance. Otherwise butt out.

  2. Webmaster says:

    Rumour has it Classic grabs 2 tries, including a cheeky wee one at the end, claims MOTM and then pumps the ‘Burgh boy in the drink-off – WTF? Surely a pro-contract beckons?

  3. Donald Reid says:

    Well played lads. Always difficult to perform after such a long lay off. The opposition had a game last week! So a bonus point win is a good result and even better when it is away – Great start to 2013 and a real positive sign!

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