As the IRB move to celebrate their 125th Anniversary they intend to showcase their founding fathers — the Scottish founding member being a Glasgow Accie James S Carrick.

Carrick was a quite outstanding sportsman being capped at both Rugby and Cricket and even found time to be secretary of one of the oldest surviving private swimming baths in the world the Western Baths.

James.S Carrick–West of Scotland Cricket Club and Glasgow Accies a
great cricketer and a founding father of International Rugby Board
He was one of that select band who represented Scotland at more than one sport having been capped at both rugby and cricket During his term of office as president of the Scottish Football Union he oversaw the creation of the International Rugby Football Board.

In 1884 England had a disagreement with Scotland over a try that
England had scored but the referee disallowed citing a foul byScotland. England argued that the referee should have played advantageand since they made the Law, if they said it was a try then it was. The International Rugby Football Board (IRFB) was formed by Scotland,Ireland and Wales in 1886 but England refused to join since theybelieved they should have greater representation on the board becausethey had a greater number of clubs. They also refused to accept that the IRFB should be the recognised law maker of the game. The IRFBagreed that the member countries would not play England until the RFUagreed to join and accept that the IRFB would oversee the games between the home unions. England finally agreed to join in 1890. His greatest moment came however in 1885 playing cricket for West of Scotland inscored 419 not out against Priory Park at Chichester, and thus passed Roe’s world record of 415 made four years earlier.


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