The scoreline suggests we took a bit of a beating down at Maress but, as it so often does, it lies.

The truth? They won, we lost. But it was “eek-sey, peek-sey” for most of this match.We made 2 mistakes and that led to 2 scores. And though we competed throughout the 80 minutes, we didn’t build on early 2nd half pressure to go on and win the game when we had the chance. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

Given the circumstances, dear reader, it would serve you nought to be given a “blow-by-blow” account of our efforts this afternoon. Apart from anything else, my sweet and sour chicken is waiting for me in the kitchen right now, it’s getting cold, and so I’m not going to bugger about all night writing this ****. Suffice to say, our youngsters will have taken much from this afternoon’s trip that will stand them in good stead for next season. 

Irvine then remain atop of West 1 with 11 wins from 13 (one of their 2 losses being against us at NA back in September of course) and good luck to them as they charge forward towards promotion. Their hard-working “behind-the-scences” crew led by the inestimable “Maxi” deserve what might just be coming to them for all their herculean efforts behind the scenes in spreading “the (rugby) word” in Ayrshire.

MOTM: that’s a toughie this week. Anyone who braved the elements for the full 80 (well done Pundy and Ali G BTW!!) knows that this week’s award was always going to go to one of our forwards. Both Mikey and Kiran did immense work in the loose and the set-piece alike throughout the afternoon: however, the pundits choice this week for his all-round performance is none other than Lisa’s very own, and very special “teddy-bear”, Master Elliot MacLaren.

Ref Watch: with his flowing locks, the diminutive Eddie Rae looked up for this one from the first moments of the boot inspection. What a pity then that he chose to subject all involved today to the “Barbie Pink” outfit this week. Nonetheless, our bold ref managed the afternoon’s events without too much controversy and, whilst he certainly had his “moments”, generally he managed the game without demanding to be the centre of attention and nor did he commit too many self-inflicted “knock-on’s”. One glaring mis-use of the boot aside – and that player knows exactly who I’m referring to – M. Rae did a pretty good job of providing a game both to be watched and enjoyed by the non-partisan neutral. Well done Eduardo – a strong 8 / 10 this week for you.

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