… that Accies 2nd XV fan, Karlie Kloss, was voted no.2 in the 2012 / 13 Super-Model earnings stakes? No, we didn’t know that either.

But at Rosco’s early evening press-conference today, she admitted that only coming “first” in tomorrow’s match would do for her favourites. And here they are: “Karlie’s Specials” for tomorrow’s league match against Irvine –

Ross, Iain W, Dougie S, Gregor Mc, Alan B, Ian G, Hamish, Chris S, Westy, Tao, Rooster, Si Cad, Arnaud, Chris H, Andy B, Pogs, Euan D, Stew M, Mike H, Jordan

It’s a 11.45 am meet at the Clubhouse boys, for a 2pm k/o.

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