An “experienced” Accies touch team, LGFM (Let’s Go F***in Mental), have just won the Glasgow Touch League Final!

The competition ran for 12 weeks over summer at Balgray, with very strictly refereed 40 minute games, and culminating in knock-out stages. LGFM edged out the ATC Bucaneers (a Hawks outfit) 8-5 in the final, despite having lost to them twice during the season – a brilliant result, which makes LGFM leading contenders for Accies team of the year already!

LGFM 2012 “Championship” Squad:

Ross Chassels, Graeme Simpson, Michael Walker, Ben Wilkinson, John Dillon, Steve Begley, Richard McKnight, Al McLaren, Paul Allan, Craig (overstep) Wright, Alan Wilson, Andy Weston, Ali Smith,  Andrew (red card) Jackson & maybe a few others who filled in!


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