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Jamie Hunter is moving on to Glasgow Hawks with S1 boys and after presiding over a great year of Rugby, smashing successful Tournament and dedicating already 5 years of Sunday mornings to the cause…we say…thanks & are you insane?

I’m his elected replacement & I hope you are all enjoying your summer. Since it’s vacation time I’ll save my blether for later in the year. This is as succinct as I can get into factual download.


Mini Rugby starts back on Aug 20th (@Windy Edge) so in preparation for that please download the attached and read below.

We held the Mini Accies AGM in June and some headlines for you all are.

President (& Fixtures): Ed Crick

Finance: Simon Watson

P6&5 Tour: John Mitchell

Accies Liaison: John Mitchell and Chris Hamilton

Catering: Iain Murphy & Lindsey Cockburn

Kit: Duncan Mackinson


School Liaison: Duncan Mackinson & Andy Jackson

Warriors Liaison; Doug Hall

Autumn International: Chris Hamilton

Child Welfare/Disclosure Scotland: Pat McLaren

P6 Head Coach: John Mitchell

P5 Head Coach: Chris Cockburn

P4 Head Coach: David McKeand

P3 & P2 Head Coach: Chris Hamilton


NOTE: Every coach will have or has already completed a Disclosure Scotland form and every child must have submitted a completed form and fees in order to play beyond week three for insurance purposes. 

CLUB FEES: Raised after many years from £70 to £80 per child. Please arrange to pay by BACS

CLUB COMMUNICATION: Website is getting at some point an overhaul. Fixture updates will be on there BUT the regular point of contact should be your year group Head Coach. Head Coaches will be asking a parent to form a private Facebook year group too for sharing stories, pictures, match and lift share details, referee complaints etc…Dated to year the players would have been P2 so for e.g. Next Year P6 FB group will be MINI ACCIES 2013 and this year P2 will be MINI ACCIES 2017.


Ian Murphy will be co-ordinting proper catering for any visiting teams

Training we will have simple catering organised by Lindsey Cockburn

Parent volunteers form nominated year groups (see fixtures) will help.


On nominated Saturdays in the year we are inviting players to be part of first XV match day. Tunnel at kick off, play a short match on the First XV pitch in front of parents and grandparents in the stand and be part of Accies support. A fun afternoon. The Mini Section sponsors the senior trip to Orkney and bringing the club together as one is important. Suggested dates in fixtures. 


Sun 20 August: First training at Windy Edge (I’m sloping off early because Anniversary)

Sun 27 August: Training and Registration

Sat 11 November Scotland vs Samoa at Murryfield; Coach trip and kids+parents. Please indicate to your coach level of likely interest at start of season

Sun 11 March: Home Tournament

Circa 15 April: P6/5 Tour

Lastly if you suspect someone is not on this mailing list please share it.

Also please invite new players, especially from P2, 3 and 4 to join up too. 

All best


/   Ed Crick
// +44(0)7976 207613
// +44(0)7917 395777

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