Rumours of an imminent admission to the next series of “I’m a Celebrity – Get me Out of Here!” following his successful appearance on TV tonight have been played down this evening by Mr Hugh Barrow’s agent: “The boy done good, I’ll admit that” he commented as the final credits rolled. “But he’s a wee bit to learn. And a haircut to get. Cash-in-the Attic is probably a good launchpad for my client right now. Or Heir-Hunters. Let’s just take things one step at a time, eh?”

But it’s true – BBC Scotland switchboards were jammed tonight shortly after the curtain fell on JB’s very own “1872: A Rugby Rivalry” to a host of acclaim and plaudits. Mrs. Senga MacLafferty, the nightshift supervisor in charge of the 2 phones that were working at 10.30pm down on Pacific Quay said: “It was bloody amazing. The lines were jammed. They all wanted to know more about the old geezer with the hair. Me an’ the gals have dubbed him the “Silver Fox”….. very tasty!”

And just in case you missed our very own polymath, pundit, all-round “good guy” (not to mention a former Accies SOTW), it’s definitely worth a watch, not least for the generous mentions about Accies! Check it out here……………..

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