Louis Greig

NameLouis Greig
Nationality United Kingdom (GB)


Louis and the Prince: A Story of Politics, Intrigue and  Royal Friendship

Just imagine being a British Lion and playing tennis at Wimbledon. What a combination – a combination few could aspire to.

One such athlete was J.P.R Williams of Wales and the Lions who once beat a certain David Lloyd at Wimbledon but another was a Glasgow Accie who played his rugby on both sides of the Anniesland fence- a certain Louis Greig a quite remarkable sportsman.

Louis a half back played his rugby for Glasgow Accies in the decade leading up to the First World War and was capped many times for Scotland including their historic 6-0 defeat of the mighty Springboks at Hampden Park. He toured with the British Isles Team(the term Lions was only introduced in the 1920s) to South Africa playing 17 times. During this period Accies who had played at Old Anniesland since 1883 were in the process of moving to New Anniesland which was officially opened in 1905.

Louis Greig went on to partner the future King George VI in the Mens Doubles at Wimbledon in 1926. Unfortunately they lost to 1-6,3-6,2-6 to a doubles partnership whose combined age was 110.