Welcome to the Glasgow Accies Gym, a great facility that’s been built up for members  through the hard work of other members, particularly our own Weights Coach, Duncan Beattie. Please treat this facility with respect and keep it clean and tidy after use.

Contrary to what many might think, because of the myriad of Health & Safety regulations not to mention the costs of running this facility and the wear-and-tear on equipment, this not an “open-to-all” facility – to use it, you must be either a fully paid up member of GARFC or a member of the Glasgow Academical Sports Club and have completed a GA Gym Induction Course (even if you’ve done so at another gym!).  So, to use the gym, get your subs in and, as necessary, complete the induction course: contact Dunc dbeattie@rjmcleod.co.uk for details.

The only other permitted usage of our gym is by prior written agreement with GARFC: if you wish to use it, please contact Gavin Smith gavinsmith@talktalk.net.

Regular GARFC player sessions are run throughout the season on Monday and Wednesday nights, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s being “pitch” training nights exclusively. So, whether your looking to give yourself an edge on the pitch, building yourself back up after injury or just want to get “ripped” for the beach, get down to the gym and get down to some work!