Well, had you been around, you might have been down at Hamilton Crescent watching the first ever international football match (in the world!) between Scotland and England. Interestingly, from an Accies point of view, the game was originally scheduled for our old ground at Burnbank on Gt. Western Road and being the good sports we are, even back in those days, we offered the venue without charge! However, politics clearly got in the way (plus ça change) and the powers that be decided to plump for the old cricket ground, and paid £20 for the privilege!!

History buffs, anoraks and those just interested in these things can find out more at http://www.englandfootballonline.com/Seas1872-00/1872-73/M0001Sco1872.html

Bizarrely, with the hosts adopting an adventurous 2-2-6 formation and the visitors a quite reckless 1-2-7, the match ended 0 – 0. Must have been thrilling for the 4,000 crowd.

AND, talking of 1872, the Gaelic speaking afficionado’s amongst us will be delighted to learn that tomorrow night, BBC Alba are showing a documentary about the 1872 Cup, the Glasgow / Edinburgh rivalry etc etc, and repeating it for those who forget to press “record” on Sunday evening. Sassenachs will have to wait until 19 Dec for a 10 pm showing on BBC 2 however.

(With thanks to our resident polymath and former SOTW, Mr Hugh Barrow for the heads-up on these 2 important matters!)

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