The more astute clubhouse visitor will have noticed that for sometime now, our prized cap that was presented to Accies own JW Arthur after his performance in the first ever rugby international has been missing for sometime now. Well, never fear, it hasn’t been lost – it’s currently on display at the RFU’s World Rugby Museum as one of the two oldest international caps in existence. (BTW, it’s the one on the left boys!)

Twickers has asked for the original loan period to be extended, and the NA “Powers-That-Be” have graciously agreed. But don’t worry: it’ll be back in its rightful home by 2014 in plenty of time for our 150th Celebrations. However, on the bright side, all Accies have “visitation” rights to view the cap f.o.c. courtesy of the RFU, so if you’re planning a visit this little bit of news could save you more than the price of a pint!!  Go enjoy!

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